Rob Paulsen Reveals “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Details

Rob Paulsen recently revealed details of the new TMNT cartoon, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, during an interview. If you recall, Rob Paulsen was announced as the voice director for the upcoming series, but in an interview with NickAlive, he revealed other details including a release date. The first detail revealed was the tone of the show. In the interview, Paulsen said,

[Nickelodeon] said there’s a new one coming, another 2D version similar to the one you did 25, 30 years ago, and have you ever thought of directing?”

So we know now that Rise of the TMNT will be similar to the original TMNT cartoon in tone. This means it will probably be more light-hearted than the last two TMNT cartoons. I hope there are still serious moments, but we’ll see when the cartoon comes out. We also already knew about it being 2D animated, but that is mentioned again here. Rob Paulsen also revealed a release month for the series! He said,

Apparently they’re happy, so we’re 10 to 12 episodes into the new version that will begin in September of next year, and it’s an absolute blast.”

Rise of the TMNT is officially coming next September! I’m pretty happy to hear a release month, and 12 episodes already finished is great. Finally, Rob Paulsen revealed a guest star on the series:

“Yeah, in fact myself and Maurice LaMarche, they brought us in to do a couple bad guys.”

In case you don’t know, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche also played Pinky and the Brain respectively, and now they’re back as a villain duo in Rise. I wonder, though, who will they play? New characters? Maybe Bebop and Rocksteady? I guess we’ll see when the show premieres next September.

That’s all! Do you like Rob Paulsen as the voice director? Are you excited for Rise of the TMNT? Sound off in the comments! Salmutations, Shellheads!