Rise of the TMNT News Roundup – 1/13/18

Hello! Some news about Rise of the TMNT was released recently, including a new villain, and a new, somewhat cryptic promotional picture. So without further ado, let’s get into the news!

1. John Cena as Baron Draxum

The first piece of news is that John Cena will be voicing a brand-new villain in Rise of the TMNT. The character he is playing is named Baron Draxum, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, he is,

“..an alchemist warrior mutant who seeks to turn all of humanity into mutants. Cena’s recurring character will appear in the premiere episode and throughout the series.”

An alchemist character intrigues me, and Baron Draxum wanting to turn people into mutants makes me think he’s involved in the Turtles’ mutation somehow. I have a feeling Baron Draxum will be the main villain for a while, so we will see how he plays into the story overall. I hope John Cena is good in the role, and I look forward to seeing Baron Draxum in Rise of the TMNT.


2. Rise of the TMNT Turtle Shell?

The second and final piece of news I have is this weird image of a turtle shell. It was posted on Playmates Toys’ Facebook page alongside this header:

The image is a turtle shell glowing green with a V-shape cut out of it, and it appears to be imbedded in a cracked wall? Honestly, I have no idea what this represents. It could be one of the Turtles’ magical stones, since the TMNT are confirmed to have mystical powers in the upcoming series. I guess we’ll wait and see what this means.


That’s all the recent Rise of the TMNT news! Excited for John Cena as Baron Draxum? Any idea what the turtle shell represents? Comment below! Salmutations, Shellheads!