Possible Design of Rise of the TMNT’s April Revealed?

The design for April O’Neil in Rise of the TMNT has possibly been revealed. According to user AlZarkovski on the Technodrome Forums, this design is, “From Nick Designer’s Twitter. My source confirms that this is almost the final version.”  Here is the possible design:

Credit to Technodrome Forums user AlZarkovski.

Now, this may not be official, and things could always change, but if this is official, this is the design for Rise of the TMNT’s April O’Neil. I love this! I really dig the art style, and especially the blocky hands and shoes. She is also holding a walking stick, or a spear? I can’t really tell. April is wearing a huge backpack, a hoodie, a hat, and jeans with either a stain or a tear in them. Overall, I really like this design, and hope this is what we get in next year’s Rise of the TMNT. What do you think? Do you think this is official? Let me know in the comments! Salmutations, Shellheads!

EDIT 1/6/18: Sadly, the sketch’s artist, Alexis Page, confirmed this isn’t the final April design. Thankfully, though, this sketch is in the Rise of the TMNT style. So, this means we can look forward to a final design in this same awesome style. (Screenshot courtesy of @mikeyandpizza on Tumblr.)