Injustice 2 TMNT Gameplay Trailer Released

The TMNT gameplay trailer for Injustice 2 has been released. We learned what their super move is, some new voicelines, and even some gear. Here is the trailer:

They look awesome! Their intro animations are really cool, with Leo meditating, Donnie on a zipline, Raph stabbing one of Braniac’s minions, and Mikey on his skateboard. Their gameplay is really dynamic and fast-paced, which I love. Their super move is rad, with all the turtles fighting together and yelling “Shell Shock!”. One of the coolest parts on the trailer, though, is when one turtle calls in another for a special move. It’s a really unique move, and true to the how the brothers fight. I think the victory animation is great too, with Raph eating a slice of pizza. Each turtle also has a trait. Mikey’s is his skateboard (he can throw it and ride it into his opponent), Donnie’s is an electromagnetic floor (which prevents you from jumping or pulls you in), Raph’s is a special sai combo (when timed correctly), and Leo’s calls in the other turtles for a special attack. We also learned how to switch between each turtle. In the accessory slot for each gear loadout, you can choose between katanas, sai, nunchucks, or a bo staff. By picking each one, you get to play as the turtle with that weapon. I like this system, as it will be pretty easy to swap between brothers. We also saw how to pick your turtle in Tournament Mode:

Something about this menu reminds me a lot of the select screen in the original TMNT games, and I love that about it. Finally, some of the turtles’ gear was shown off in the livestream, shown in this video by YouTuber Bilbzy:

Leo’s Sewer Samurai look is cool, and I think the name is also a reference to the Leo the Sewer Samurai figure. To be honest, though, even though these gear sets are cool, I prefer the default looks, and I will most likely try to get a more traditional look for the TMNT when they come out. Keep in mind, you must either have the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2, bought the TMNT by themselves, or have purchased Fighter Pack 3 to get to play as the TMNT. For Ultimate Edition and Fighter Pack 3 owners, you get to play as these characters on February 13. For people who just bought the turtles, you get to play as them on February 20. Are you excited for the heroes in a half-shell to be added to Injustice 2?  Let me know in the comments! Salmutations, Shellheads!